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With a proven track record of offering the latest federal and state tax law, Bloomberg Tax software solutions are accurate and fully up to date, allowing you to confidently navigate the most complex tax scenarios while presenting your clients with the most tax advantageous strategies.

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Income Tax Planner Web
Calculate unlimited short- and long-term tax scenarios while being assured that the latest tax law has been incorporated, including the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Enjoy secure access anytime, anywhere with the online power to project, minimize tax liability, and improve client visibility with side-by-side multiyear views.

Estate & Gift Tax Planner
Deliver professional estate plans no matter how large the estate. Built-in tax expertise, automatic calculations, time-saving projections, and visually compelling presentations help you successfully achieve your clients’ financial goals.

SuperForm® Tax Forms
Access the most up-to-date federal, state, and local tax forms. With convenient Web access there’s no more wasted time searching government websites or tax preparation packages that don’t have exactly what you need.